Charity Perry,Β Portland “Serial Killer’s Feared Victim” Buried in Her Mother’s Wedding Dress

One of the six women whose mysterious deaths were discovered in Portland, Oregon, was interred in her mother’s wedding gown, according to her mother.

Charity Perry, age 24, was laid to rest in a ceremonial gown on Wednesday (21 June) to honor her hopes that her parents would one day reconcile. Charity’s body was discovered on April 24 in Multnomah County, near Ainsworth State Park, more than a month after she was last seen.

Although no arrests have been made and the cause of death has not been determined, police are treating the incident as suspicious. She is one of six women whose bodies were discovered within 100 miles of one another between February and May, prompting fears that a serial killer may be at large.

Charity Perry
Charity Perry

Do you know that the Lloyd District in Northeast Portland was the site of a fatal gunshot on Friday night (June 23)? Portland Police Department officers responded to a report of a gunshot at Northeast 6th Avenue and Northeast Holladay Street shortly after 9:45 p.m:

However, only one of the fatalities has been classified as a homicide, and the Portland Police Bureau has stated that there is no evidence linking the incidents. Charity was buried on Wednesday by her mother, Diana Allen, who labored tirelessly to raise funds for the service.

She had intended to cremate her but changed her mind in case investigators desire to reexamine the body. The grieving mother revealed that she chose to bury Charity in her mother’s wedding gown.

Even though Diana and Charity’s father are no longer together, she stated that her daughter aspired to wear the dress to her own wedding one day.

“[It will be a closed casket] so I won’t be able to see her, but I can imagine my imagination will be prettier than the real picture.”

“She was out there too long for me to be able to see her.”

“The dress is from my wedding to her dad […] she always wanted and thought we’d get back together, which would’ve been a bad thing.”

“But she was immature in her mindset and she thought that it would eventually happen and that everything in the world would be right again after that.”

“So, she will be wearing the dress and we will be burying her with some pictures and a Christmas gift her brother never got to give to her.”

Diana posted a photo of her daughter’s grave, which was covered with shells, jewelry, and other mementos, on June 21. Facebook users wished Diana well and sent their support as the grieving mother struggles to accept her daughter’s passing.

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