Children’s Feeding Programs at Schools Help Fight Summer Hunger

Throughout Oregon, school districts are combating summer hunger with complimentary meal programs for children. Many families contend with food insecurity during the summer months, when schools are not in session.

During the summer, schools and other local programs provide vital resources for these families. Bethel School District’s Director of Community Relations and Communications is Alisha Dodds.

She said –

β€œWe know that summertime can be stressful for families who depend on school meals as part of their day, and we want to be making sure that students and children in the area are fed breakfast and lunch as much as possible.”

β€œSo we try to make our program as accessible as possible.”

The curriculum at Bethel begins on June 26 and concludes on August 4. As with the majority of school summer meal programs, this leaves coverage gaps at the beginning and conclusion of the summer.

Children's Feeding Programs at Oregon Schools
Children’s Feeding Programs at Oregon Schools

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This, according to Dodds, is to allow the district’s nutritional services personnel time to transition from the school year to the summer program.

She said –

β€œIn August, it’s kind of the same thing, but we’re prepping for the next school year.”

β€œWe have staff come back to work beginning the first week of August, and so, we’re just getting our staff–our nutrition services staff–back to their buildings and getting them to switch gears back to regular school.”

Food for Lane County and the Cascade Family Resource Center at Cascade Middle School provide additional summer food resources for families in the Bethel school district.

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