Portland Advocate Dies At 41, A Lady Who Helped Crime Victims

Chanel Thomas was an unwavering support system for families navigating the criminal justice system, a field that demanded empathy and poise. Her tireless work as a victim advocate at the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office tremendously affected the prosecution and defence. 41 Thomas passed away at her home in Tigard due to a respiratory infection.

Thomas and defence attorney Edie Rogoway met in a case involving an attempted murder, which was a pleasant surprise for both of them. Thomas has been a rock for the DA’s office as the victim advocates for the enormous crimes gang section since he started in that role in January 2016.

Thomas maintained his composure regardless of the situation, whether calming down his angry cousins or ensuring the bereaved mothers had food.

Rogoway claims that Thomas was an only kid who grew up in Minneapolis and went to college on a basketball scholarship. Thomas had always wanted to start a foster home for girls in Portland’s peaceful suburbs, but she had no children. Her capacity for assistance went much beyond the scope of her formal responsibilities.

Thomas’s mother in Minnesota is receiving assistance from Senior Deputy District Attorney Nathan Vasquez and his wife, an experienced victim advocate. Thomas’s local friends and relatives will reunite on Tuesday to honour his memory.

Everyone in Multnomah County is grieving Thomas’s passing. Her composure under pressure was greatly appreciated, as were her efforts on behalf of the victims and their families. Even as they express their heartfelt condolences on her passing, legal community members will remember her for the difference she made in the face of the issues facing the criminal justice system.

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