Oregon Governor Tina Kotek Increases Penalty On Street Racing

The Oregon legislature passed a measure on Tuesday that Governor Tina Kotek signed into law, increasing the penalty for street racing. This new law is just the latest attempt by lawmakers to stop the dangerous and occasionally lethal street takeovers that have plagued city streets for years.

In September, a maximum of 364 days in jail, a fine of $6,250, or both, will be available to those convicted of street racing under Senate Bill 615. Multiple convictions for street racing within a five-year period carry a maximum term of five years in jail and a $125,000 fine. Have a look at this tweet:

Vehicles used in street racing, or “speed racing” as it is called in the legislation, can now be confiscated by the police. In addition, it includes street racing in the category of dangerous driving.

On Tuesday night, Governor Kotek made a Twitter statement, stressing that this measure will help restore safety in Oregon towns. She stressed how dangerous street racing is, warning of the dangers it brings to racers, onlookers, and entire communities.

Since 2015, at least eight people have lost their lives in accidents that investigators believe were related to street racing in Oregon. An eleven-year-old youngster was hit by a gunshot in March 2022, while an eighteen-year-old lady was involved in a collision with a street racer in 2018, leaving her in a coma.

In February, a fatal street racing accident happened on North Marine Drive in Portland, seriously injuring another driver and their passenger. The automobiles driven by both drivers lost control and burned at the site.

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Ashlee Diane McGill, a 26-year-old waiting for a bus in the Hazelwood area of Southeast Portland on August 27 was struck by an out-of-control street racer. The police say the motorist who caused the accident was racing another car on Southeast Stark Street around 133rd Avenue.

Oregon wants to address the negative effects of street racing and make communities safer therefore the state has passed a law allowing for the seizure of automobiles.

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