Dozens of Vehicles Are Stuck in the Insolvent Washington Square Mall Tire Center

Due to the bankruptcy and expulsion of a tire repair shop in the Washington Square Mall, dozens of car owners have been without transportation for nearly three weeks.

You can see a video of Dozens of cars stuck at Portland Mall due to a bankrupt tire center-

Dan Svihla, proprietor of Uncle Dan’s Tire World in the former Sears Auto Center on Washington Square Road, has declared bankruptcy due to medical expenses incurred by his family. He claims he was expelled from the mall on May 17, leaving 40 and 50 vehicles stranded behind barriers.

β€œI got to a point in my life … β€˜Do I really want to put this business ahead of my family?’ Which I’ve done my whole life,” he said. God, business, family. I’ll miss a funeral because I’m busy, and this voice in my head said, β€˜Turn the bottom two around, please. Take care of your mom and dad.’”

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The mall’s management said that they were afraid that the vehicles owned by its customers could be taken as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, so they have been making efforts to reunite the owners with their vehicles. Their word for it was “frustrating.”

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