The Founder of Gun Violence Awareness Day is a ‘Two-Time Survivor.’

Gun Violence Awareness Day occurred Saturday, and Jennifer Langston of Moms Demand Action said there was a good reason why the event was called a “wear orange” event.

“We wear orange as hunters do for gun safety,” Langston explained. According to one person, “Today it feels like we need to be out on the street wearing orange to be aware and to say, ‘Don’t shoot, I’m out on the street.'”

A ‘two-time survivor’ is at the helm of Portland’s Gun Violence Awareness Day, as seen in this video-

YouTube video

There was a memorial for victims of gun violence and support for those, like Langston, who are still reeling from its effects at Portland Community College.

The City of Portland’s Office of Violence Prevention collaborated with Moms Demand Action and the Soul Box Project to create Gun Violence Awareness Day. According to Langston, this “Wear Orange” event aimsΒ to raise public awareness and knowledge.

As of March 31, 2023, there have been 439 reported gunshots in the city, resulting in 136 injuries and 33 fatalities, according to government data. According to Langston, they want to stop the gun violence in Portland for good.

β€œListen to survivors. Be aware that violence can happen at any moment,” she said. β€œI’m a two-time survivor of violence in my own home, and I worry about a third time that I might be impacted by gun violence. So being aware of your situation, getting involved, and paying attention to survivors.”

Here are some helpful resources for learning more about Oregon:

The neighborhood is encouraged to wear orange in solidarity with other cities around the United States. At this year’s Rose Festival, Moms Demand Action will provide a booth where interested parties can get additional information.


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