Southwest Portland Woman Arrested After Reportedly Threatening Bouncer With a Gun

According to the Portland Police Bureau, a lady was arrested early on Friday, June 02,Β morning after she allegedly threatened a club bouncer with a gun in the city’s southwest.

After receiving the threat call at around 2:30 in the morning, officers arrived at the 200 block of Southwest Ankeny Street. The suspect had shot a gun into the air at the intersection of Second Avenue and West Burnside Street, where police were on their approach.

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Police say they located the suspect in a vehicle in a West Burnside parking lot after a brief search. They surrounded her automobile with a police cruiser and began to take her into custody.

β€œHowever, a man injected himself into the police officers’ work, yelling and approaching the armed suspect,” police said. β€œHe was arrested after a scuffle.”

Savon S. Reeves, 29 years old, was named as the individual who was killed. The woman was also taken into custody, and a gun was reportedly discovered in the automobile’s glove box. Her name was Nevaeh A. Lohnes, and she was 21 years old.

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Lohnes was accused of several gun-related offenses, including carrying a loaded weapon in public and unauthorized possession and use of a firearm. Reeves was arrested and accused of obstructing law enforcement.

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