CCTV Footage Of Fully Loaded School Bus Getting Hit By A Truck

There seems to be a current trend toward dangerous driving. In a recent horrible accident on Oregon’s I-5 Highway, seven people lost their lives. There has been no apparent awakening to date, despite all the fatalities and losses. One of our regular newscasters has brought in a video of a negligent truck driver crashing into the school while it is at capacity.

Fox 12 news station tweeted a link to this video. The school bus driver was obviously alert and focused as he drove down the road, but then abruptly a fast vehicle appeared out of nowhere and slammed into the back of the bus with devastating force. Listen to the video with the volume up:

After the bus was struck, ten pupils were immediately taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. After the collision, a large number of students were rushed to the hospital for treatment of their wounds. The truck driver is rumored to have fled the scene, abandoning the vehicle. Since the truck driver was not involved in the collision, the claim that he was under the influence of alcohol cannot be confirmed.

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The majority of the wounded kids were in their junior year of high school, although a small number were in their final year. There were no fatalities, but some others were hurt severely enough that they had to spend months in bed. That we have no way to ensure the safety of schoolchildren is deeply embarrassing. The bus driver showed his cleverness by reacting quickly, speeding up so that the impact would be at the rear of the vehicle rather than the center.

Many lives were saved because the bus did not tip over as a result of the hit near the back of the vehicle. For such a heinous act, the truck driver must be locked up. What do you believe the charges should be against this truck driver?


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