Madison’s East Side Private Event Shooting Victim Has Been Identified

On Tuesday, May 23, the Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office released the name of a man they say was shot and murdered on the east side of Madison early on Sunday morning.

The local hospital confirmed the death of 32-year-old Madison resident Raheem Blue. The Medical Examiner’s Office has announced that preliminary autopsy results indicate he was killed with a firearm.

You can see a video of a Man shot, and killed during a private event on Madison’s east side, identified-

YouTube video

Blue was allegedly located by cops in the 3700 block of East Washington at a bar where he had been shot. A witness saw a massive group of individuals congregating nearby and learned that a fight had broken out.

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Police have reported no arrests related to the incident. The Violent Crimes Unit of the MPD is participating in the investigation and pleading with the public for help. On Monday, authorities revealed that over twenty detectives have been assigned to the study.

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