Oregon House Leader Faces Ethics Complaint from Republican

House Minority Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson of Prineville, Oregon, has been accused of using her position for personal advantage, according to allegations filed by the Republican candidate for office in Columbia County Drew Layda with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.

Specifically, Layda alleges in his complaint that after Breese-Iverson became leader of the House Republican caucus, it began spending significant sums of money with Iverson Media Group, which is owned by Breese-Iverson’s husband, Bryan Iverson (first reported by WW last year, “All in the Family,” November 2, 2022).

β€œShe was always integrally involved in her husband’s political consulting company and has personally profited directly or by common property law,” Layda wrote in his complaint.

Republican Complains about Oregon House Leader

Layda is wrong, according to Breese-Iverson: “Mr. Layda’s complaint before the OGEC is frivolous and without merit. I trust that OGEC will investigate the matter thoroughly and expediently.”

Readers may recognize Layda as the main opponent of Brian Stout, the Republican state representative for Columbia City who was recently issued a five-year sexual abuse prevention order. as per Layda’s lawsuit, Breese-Iverson and Stout were in on the plot as well.

Although Stout claims to be unaware of the formal complaint, he is aware that Layda is investigating what he calls a “strange conspiracy theory.”

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