In Oregon Boy’s Restroom Protest, Feminine Hygiene Dispenser Found in Toilet

An apparent protest against a new law led to the discovery of a feminine hygiene dispenser in the toilet of the boys’ bathroom at a high school in Oregon.

One tampon and pad dispenser is installed inside each stall toilet at Lakeridge High School, which includes the boys’ restrooms. Images of the empty dispenser were widely disseminated. The school informed parents via email that this was not the first incident of its kind.

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“In the last weeks, we have been combating vandalism in the boy’s bathrooms. Students have been taking the tampon dispensers down and placing them inside the toilets. We would like your help in stopping this form of vandalism,” the email read. “[Lake Oswego School District] provides menstrual products for students at no cost.”

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The district claims this satisfies Oregon’s Menstrual Dignity Act of 2021, also known as House Bill 3294, which was approved by a unanimous vote of the Oregon House. The Senate vote was 17 in favor to 11 opposed.

Apparently, as stated in Free sanitary products for girls and women must be available in all school bathrooms, under federal law. An estimated 552,000 students in grades K-12, 85,000 at community colleges and 96,500 at public universities across the state will be affected by the measure.

_Feminine Hygiene Dispenser Found in Toilet

The need for separate facilities for males is being addressed by Senate Bill 246. In addition, charter schools wouldn’t be necessary any longer.

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In the House bill that seeks to reorganize the Department of Education’s budget, Republican state representative Tracy Cramer submitted an amendment earlier this month to expand the State School Fund to $10.4 billion. Gov. Tina Kotek (D-OR) proposed a $9.9 billion price tag for the fund.

“If we are serious about getting Oregon’s education system back on track, then we need to be serious about funding our schools. At a time of record inflation and labor shortages across the education field β€” now is the time to provide the necessary support for our students,” Cramer said.

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