Everyone Has Tina Kotek on Their Political Soundtrack

Oregon lawmakers have been seen in suspicious proximity to the money recently. This month, it was reported that former Secretary of State Shemia Fagan secretly worked for a cannabis company.

However, this issue has prompted some of us to wonder: Which Oregon lawmaker would you most like to share a joint with?

Everyone Has Tina Kotek on Their Political Soundtrack


So we included it in the most recent edition of Hot Mic, our mobile civics quiz. Filmmaker and Reed College student Zave Payne conducted an informal survey at the Portland Farmers Market in the South Park Blocks to determineΒ which politicians market goers’ ideal blunt rotation might include.

What is theΒ most typical response? Tina Kotek, Governor.

The information that follows is the most recent that we know regarding Tina Kotek-

In truth, she was the only possible solution. Do people only remember her name since she’s the only Oregon politician? We’ll defer to your judgment.

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