A Witness Observed Muzzle Flashes and a Dead Man in NE Portland

According to the Portland Police Bureau, a man was shot and killed in the city’s northeast on Friday(19 May 2023) night. At around 11:15 p.m., PPB reported. On Friday, law enforcement was called to the area of Northeast 82nd Avenue and Fremont Street.

They arrived to find a body lying in the middle of the street after having been shot. There was a Popeyes restaurant close to where the shooting occurred. As per Ida Beavers, who lives nearby, the gunfire sounded like a massive fireworks display.

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β€œYou just see flashes of light, like the movies kind of,” Beavers said. β€œI thought it was, like, right here. So, that’s why I ducked in my room because I thought that it was going to hit my place.”

After the gunfire subsided, Beavers said she ran outside to see what had happened and found a young man lying on the pavement while a police officer administered CPR.

Muzzle Flashes and a Dead Man in NE Portland

β€œI will still be thinking about it, you know, because it was really sad, cause I went really close up there to see and half of his head was gone,” Beavers said. β€œHe was just laying there, and he was gone. He probably wasn’t even 20 years old, so.”

It took the police nearly five hours to inspect the scene, as reported by Beavers. The police report that the culprit fled the scene and that no one has yet been apprehended. There has been no publicized description of the suspect.

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