The Emeralds Beat the Hillsboro Hops in Their Third Game

The final result was 2-0, with the Emeralds beating the Hillsboro Hops. The win improved the Ems’ record to 20-15, giving them a lead of 1.5 games in the Northwest League. The Ems have taken a commanding 2-1 series lead against the Hops.

On the bump, Carson Whisenhunt took the early lead and was unstoppable. He went 4.1 innings on the mound and gave up no runs or hits. He only walked three hitters while striking out eight. Whisenhunt got off to a fantastic start, again.

He has thrown 17.1 innings this season in Eugene while posting a 0.52 ERA and a 0.46 Whip. Batters have a.055 average against him. Also, he has 24 Ks to his name. It would be an understatement to call him dominant.

Ben Madison replaced Whisenhunt and performed admirably. He went 1.2 innings, allowing just one hit and no baserunners. He had a three-strikeout game. Madison has done well to eat some middle innings, and she put on a terrific performance again.

Tonight’s victory improves Madison’s record to a remarkable 6-1. With no one getting on base, the first few innings went by quickly. In the third inning, Grant McCray batted for the Emeralds and drove a ball out to left field for their first run of the game.

McCray hit a single home run, giving him six for the year. McCray has built on his strong start to the month and hopes to keep the momentum going for the rest of the month.

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In the fifth inning, Damon Dues hit a base and then swiped second. After two more batters, Grant McCray got a chop single that allowed Dues to score and gave the Ems their second run of the game. Tonight, the Ems’ two-run performance was sufficient to defeat the Hops.

Over the final three innings, Emerald’s bullpen was dominant, allowing only four hits while doing a fantastic job of preventing the Hops from mounting a comeback. After allowing two runners to reach base in the seventh inning, Wilkelma Castillo worked her way out of a jam.

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Nick Morreale relieved the starter in the seventh and eighth innings, allowing just one hit and one walk while striking out one batter in each. In the bottom of the ninth inning, the Ems brought in Hunter Dula as a sales specialist.

He gave up a few hits and a couple of walks, but he did a fantastic job of keeping the score at 0-0. Dula recorded his third save of the season, bringing his ERA to 1.98. Dula, who has consistently pitched well for the Emeralds, had another strong outing.

The Ems now lead the Hops 2-1 in the series and by 1.5 games in the Northwest League. This season, the Ems have outscored the Hops 8-1. The game versus the Hops is scheduled to begin at 7:35 PM tomorrow night.

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