Watch as This Brave Customer Ends a Carjacker at the Gas Station!

A man in Washington state who fought off a carjacker and got his keys back says he counts himself lucky. You can see a video of a Man fighting off a carjacker at a gas station below-

Bill Black, a resident of Vancouver, Washington, was at a gas station in the middle of the day inflating his tires and left the engine running. KPTV reports that after he reached the passenger side, he heard the driver’s door close and the vehicle reverse.

Black’s heart rate increased, and he hurriedly entered his vehicle through the passenger door. He said that he was defending more than just his vehicle. His car had his business laptop and other belongings.

“It’s not just the person stealing a car. It’s a person stealing, you know, my personal, my personal life,” he said. “I just had to protect, you know, my, my valuables and my stuff.”

Then, “Once I jumped in the car, I just kind of put my arms around the guy,” Black said. “He hit me a couple of times … knocked my glasses off. I punched him about three or four times in the face while I was choking him.”

Here are the most current developments in Portland as we know them:

During the heated exchange, the car abruptly stopped, and Black was subsequently flung into the dashboard. “And I was just freaking out, you know, just trying to be stupider and crazier than he was,” Black said.”He kind of freaked out and said, ‘Let me out, let me out.’ He got out and took off running.”

Even though the suspect is still at large, Black said he considers himself blessed to get his keys returned. “That just freaks me out. It could have been my wife. It could have been, you know, I mean, these people have to understand that it’s not acceptable,” he said.

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