Portland Man Has Been Charged With the M*rder of a Teenage Girl

This week, authorities in California @rrested a 20-year-old guy from Portland on suspicion of murdering a teen@ge girl whose body was discovered in March.

In a press statement, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a g*nfire complaint on Embassy Way NE near Satter Drive NE at around midnight on March 2. She was identified as 19-year-old Jissel Segura, and she was pronounced de@d at the scene when deputies discovered her inside a vehicle with g*nshot wounds.

Portland Man Has Been Charged With the M*rder of a Teenage Girl

A h0micide inquiry was opened, although no one was taken into custody then. On April 26, the Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshals Service collaborated to apprehend Aaron Anderson in Sacramento, California.

Here are the most current developments in Portland as we know them:

Anderson was @rrested and put into the Marion County J@il for second-degree m*rder and we@pon violations. This next Thursday, May 18, is his day in court.

In 2019, Anderson reportedly entered a guilty plea in Wasco County for attempted second-degree and fourth-degree assault stemming from an altercation at a juvenile detention facility in Dalles, as reported by the Salem Reporter. In 2021, the accusations were dropped.

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