Oregon Senate GOP Launches Bold Boycott Against Liberal Legislation

Both the Oregon House and Senate are currently controlled by Democrats, therefore, Republicans are doing everything they can to oppose some of the most liberal legislation in the country. Senate Republicans in Oregon have gone on strike in protest over the state legislature’s leftist proposals on gun control, abortion, and gender-affirming healthcare.

According to an article published on May 15 by Grant Stringer for Oregon Live, the prolonged boycott might render ineligible for reelection at least three Republican Senators under Measure 113, passed in November.

On Monday(15 May 2023), during a floor session, not only were no Republicans there, but neither was Independent Senator Brian Boquist also participating in the boycott.

The Minority Leader Republican Senator Tim Knopp from Bend expressed that Democrats are β€œβ€¦aiding and abetting a culture of corruption.” Knopp also explained his party is protesting around 20 ” hyperpartisan bills.”

Oregon Senate Boycotts Progressive Measures

House Bill 2002 is the most contentious since it legalizes abortion for children under the age of 15, requires insurance coverage for gender-affirming care, and extends abortion access to rural areas without the consent of the minor’s parents.

Β The Republicans said this effectively negates parental rights. When asked about the importance of getting reelected versus keeping his pledge to maintain the constitution, Republican Senator Lynn Findley of Vale (who is in danger of being disqualified from reelection due to having too many unexcused absences from the boycott) stated, “My oath to uphold the constitution is more important to me than being reelected.”

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Conservative lawmakers in Oregon are doing their best to reflect the beliefs of roughly half of the state’s population, as seen by the boycott. If the other half takes their complaints seriously, it remains to be seen.

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