The Victim of the Fatal Shooting in North Portland Was a Young Parent

The Portland Police Bureau has released the name of the guy who was sh0t and k!lled on Friday, May 12,Β in the Portsmouth area.

The incident happened in the 7600 block of North Portsmouth Avenue at 11:30 p.m. on Friday. They found 22-year-old Kenny Martinez, who appeared to have been shotΒ when they arrived. He was rushed to the hospital but sadly p@ssed away there.

You can see a tweet of the above information-

According to Portland Police Bureau, The medical examiner determined that a g*nshot wound was the direct cause of Martinez’s de@th. Martinez’s family has told authorities that he was a young, involved father who cared deeply for his child. No word yet on whether or if any arrests have been made or if police have a description of the suspect(s).

The most up-to-date details about recent events in Portland are as follows:

The homicide squad is on the case. Detectives Travis Law [email protected] andΒ Ryan Foote ([email protected]) have urged anyone with information to contact them.

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