The Pacific Northwest is Experiencing a Heat Epidemic

This weekend, much of the Pacific Northwest, not far from the wildfires raging in western Canada, is under a heat alert because temperatures are forecast to keep increasing in an unseasonable heatwave.

Heat advisories issued by the NWS for parts of California, Oregon, and Washington on Saturday(13 May 2023) afternoon are expected to be lifted by late Sunday or Monday night. Highs will be in the upper 80s, with lows in the lower 90s. The forecast calls for temperatures to be 20–25 degrees Fahrenheit higher than normal, which might set new records for this time of year.

Here is a tweet from TuckFrump about the weather in the Pacific Northwest:

In Canada, the province of Alberta is in a state of emergency due to the extreme heat that might spark dozens of fires. Over the past week and a half, close to 30,000 people have been forced to leave Alberta because of the wildfires.

The Pacific Northwest is Experiencing a Heat Epidemic

The weather phenomenon responsible for the heatwave is called a “heat dome,” It occurs when hot air from the ocean is trapped by the atmosphere and then further trapped by clear skies and high pressure.

A deadly heat dome covered the Northwest in 2021, causing hundreds of deaths. According to the scientific journal Nature, the 2021 heat dome also had an effect on marine life, crop yields, flooding, glacier melting, wildfires, and landslides. Only a few other heatwaves in the last century can compare to this one.

Here is what you need to know immediately regarding recent events in Oregon:

Human-caused climate change contributes to higher average temperatures and more intense heat waves, forcing people in the Pacific Northwest, who have historically enjoyed a mild environment, to adopt measures to prepare for the changing weather.

The National Weather Service advises individuals in the affected areas to remain hydrated, turn on their air conditioners, and check in with friends and family. The organization also stresses keeping kids and animals out of hot cars and the sun. will keep you informed of all the latest developments in the area.

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