Two Brothers Who Worked as Portland Police ID WereΒ K!lled on Barbur Boulevard

According to Portland police, the two males whose bodies were discovered by authorities after a sh00ting on May 3 have been identified. Dilrajpal Singh, 33, and Guriqbal Singh, 27, were sh0t de@d on Southeast Barbur Boulevard, according to authorities, at approximately 2:45 p.m.

Jobanpreet Singh, 21, was @rrested immediately and charged with two charges of first-degree m*rder. Two local males working nearby on Wednesday, May 09, reported hearing g*nfire.

According to a tweet, the two victims of last week’s shooting on Barbur Boulevard were siblings-

β€œLike five or six or maybe even seven. They unloaded the whole clip,” said A1 Muffler employee Anthony Marinaro. β€œI’ve heard a lot of g*nshots and stuff around here. I mean, we’re not exactly in the best of areas.”

The following buzz in nearby you recently needs updates:

β€œThat’s the problem we’re having in this whole country, isn’t it? It’s that our mental health is at such a low collectively that there are people out here that are right next to me getting lunch and working here that are getting k!lled, and how ridiculous that is, how odd that is,” added Mark, an employee at Chevron.

Detective Tony Harris can be reached at [email protected] or (503)823-0441, and Detective Brad Clifton can be reached at [email protected] or (503)823-0696Β both should be contacted with information related to case 23-115074.

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