Convicted M*rderer Gets 2020 Linn County Manslaughter Sentence

After the m*rder of a Springfield man in Linn County in 2020, a man convicted of cr!mes including m*rder in 1988 was sentenced to around ten years in prison.

According to court documents, a 61-year-old man named Phillip Henry Gurule Jr. was @rrested in December 2020 following an investigation into the de@th of a 41-year-old man named Richard Anderson in Jefferson.

A m*rderer’s sentence for manslaughter in Linn County can be seen on Twitter-

It was reported in court that Gurule sh0t Anderson numerous times on a lonely road in Linn County and left him for de@d. Gurule was initially charged with first-degree m*rder and having a firearm while being a convicted felon after his @rrest.

According to court documents, Gurule’s defense attorney and the prosecution reached a plea bargain on May 5, 2023, and Gurule pled No Contest to first-degree h0micide.

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Convicted M*rderer Gets 2020 Linn County Manslaughter Sentence

The maximum punishment for first-degree manslaughter in Linn County is ten years and one month in j@il plus three years of post-pris0n supervision, which was the judge’s decision on May 10. According to court filings, Gurule will not be eligible for parole, conditional, or work release.

According to the court documents, Gurule m*rdered Anderson while on parole for a 1988 m*rder, he committed in Multnomah County. The court strongly recommended in the sentencing documents that Gurule be denied parole for the rest of his life and be incarcerated by the Oregon Department of Corrections.

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