Attorney Malpractice Case Against Cannabis Growers Settles for $4.9 Million

In a case brought against Portland’s Emerge Law Group by the founders of a cannabis company, the jury has awarded the defendants $4.9 million.

Tidewater Investments, LLC filed suit against Emerge Law Group and two of its attorneys, Corinne Celko and Genny Kiley, for allegedly failing to inform Tidewater’s owners that a property they planned to purchase could not be used for indoor cannabis production.

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To “construct greenhouses and other structures to grow cannabis indoors,” Tidewater bought a 25-acre plot in Canby near the Molalla River at the beginning of 2016. The current owners of Tidewater had their attorneys at Emerge Law Group check for any land use limitations that could impede their intentions before finalizing the sale.

Emerge Law Group highlights our experience in the cannabis business. Celko is an Emerge partner that specializes in real estate. Tidewater claims in its lawsuit that Celko didn’t inform that the property was located in a regulatory floodway until December, well after the sale had already been finalized.

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Attorney Malpractice Case Against Cannabis Growers

Before recreational marijuana use was allowed in 2015, Case Van Dorne and Joel Jennings produced cannabis and ran a medicinal marijuana business. Tidewater eventually ran a cannabis farm and five Zero Trees dispensaries, with investors including Jason Cain and Fares Rustom.

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