Three Teens Sh0t in DC’s Northeast in Less Than 24 Hours

Authorities in Washington, District of Columbia, said three youths were sh0t in three instances over two hours on Sunday. According to the D.C. police, the sh00ting that claimed the life of the first victim, a young man aged 16, took place at around 10:30 a.m. in the 1900 block of M Street NE.

Three Teens Sh0t in DC's Northeast


According to the reports of the police, two other adolescents were discovered sh0t soon after noon in the 4900 block of Soon Street NE. Their ages were kept a secret from us.

The following buzz in Washington State recently needs updates:

Although allΒ the victims were found alive and breathing whenΒ discovered, their present situations remain unknown. The police would not comment on whether or not any @rrests had been made in relation to the sh00tings.

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