Oregon Democrats’ Plan is Blocked After Five Days of a Republican Walkout

Most Oregon Senate Republicans went on a five-day strike on Sunday, May 07, to postpone votes on g*n control, ab0rtion rights, and tr@nsg*nder-inclusive health care legislation.

Because of the lack of senators present, Senate President Rob Wagner had to call a recess until Monday morning.

Oregon Democrats' Plan is Blocked After Five Days

Republicans have staged walkouts previously, but a new constitutional amendment that voters overwhelmingly supported in November disqualifies lawmakers with ten unexcused absences from running for reelection this year.

Here’s what you need to know now about recent events in Oregon:

The boycott comes as state legislatures nationwide, including those in Montana and Tennessee, have become ideological battlegrounds. Liberal Portland and Eugene have become more distant from rural Oregon, which is more conservative.

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