The Latest Showdown Involving Far-Right Activist Ammon Bundy Takes Place in Court

After refusing to follow court orders in a defamation case in Idaho, a far-right activist better known for confronting federal and state law enforcement officers in Oregon and Nevada is now engaged in a new type of standoff.

More than a year ago, St. Luke’s Regional Health filed a lawsuit against Ammon Bundy and his associate Diego Rodriguez, accusing them of slandering the hospital and its employees after Rodriguez’s infant grandson was removed from his family and taken to St. Luke’s for medical treatment.

Far-Right Activist Ammon Bundy

After learning he might be @rrested on a w@rrant for misdemeanor contempt of court, Bundy ignored court orders related to the lawsuit, filed trespassing complaints against people hired to deliver legal paperwork, and rallied scores of his followers to camp at his home for protection.

Here’s what you need to know now about the recent buzzΒ  in Oregon:

From this position, our defenses will be formidable. Bundy reportedly told dozens of people gathered at his house in late April, β€œWe can build a defense system from here. … This is what is going to keep us safe from all the terrible things that are going to come upon us and throughout the world,” in a speech captured on camera and shared on Facebook.

Bundy’s language echoes his armed standoffs with federal law enforcement in Nevada and Oregon. Bundy hasn’t been as successful this time, despite his regular YouTube videos, talks with far-right media, and “call to action” text messages sent to members of the People’s Rights network. The original group of dozens seems to have dwindled to a much smaller size.

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