Dangerous Dog Was Taken Into Custody After an April Mauling in the City’s Southeast

According to Multnomah County authorities, animal Control apprehended the dog responsible for the April mauling of a Portland chef on Saturday morning. The pit bull terrier mix named Bubbie and his owner Jessie Miller were found in Southeast Portland.

Using an existing warrant, the officer notified Portland police, who responded to assist Multnomah County Animal Services in impounding Bubbie. Cheryl Wakerhauser, an owner of Pix Patisserie, was assaulted by Bubbie in April.

After the event at Miller’s mother’s home, the dog was meant to be confined for ten days, but Miller allegedly kidnapped the dog. A Multnomah County spokesperson said they had spoken to Miller once since the incident but could not hold him or the dog due to a lack of warrants.

Dangerous Dog Was Taken Into Custody After an April Mauling

This Monday, May 08, Multnomah County acquired a warrant that authorized the impoundment of Bubbie by Animal Services and the police. Animal Services patrols have also started looking for Bubbie in specific locations.

This is the latest information you need to know about what’s been happening in Portland-

Director of Multnomah County Animal Services Erin Grahek stated, “I want to express my strong appreciation for the Sheriff’s Office and the Portland Police Bureau for their partnership in this matter, allowing us to respond and ultimately execute this warrant.”

β€œAnd I also want to thank my officers and staff at Animal Services for their dedication. Working together, we were able to keep our community safer.”

In February, Bubbie is accused of attacking another dog. Miller has until May’s end to file an appeal challenging the “dangerous dog” label and notice of suspension of ownership issued for Bubbie.

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