Police Finish an Uber Eats Delivery After It’s Been Involved in a Collision

The phrase “protect and serve” was taken to an all-new level this week by an officer in Arlington, Virginia. Officer Matthew Cudd recounted that on Thursday, May 03,Β he responded to a two-car @ccidentΒ mistake at the intersection of Columbia Pike and South Glebe Road and saw that one of the drivers had a bag of food from Jersey Mike’s Subs in his car.

“I pulled over, saw the guy, and that’s when the whole sandwich delivery escapade started,” he said. “He’s like, β€˜yeah, I’m an Uber Eats delivery driver. I’ve got to make my delivery,’ Cudd explained. “I knew he was going to be tied up for the next 45 minutes or so.”

Police Finish Uber Eats Delivery After a Collision

Instead of waiting for Uber Eats, the cop grabbed the sub and personally brought it to the client. “I kind of waved at him, and he kind of nodded, and I got out and started walking up to him.”

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“His face, you know, he definitely didn’t know why a cop was walking up on him, but then he saw the bag of subs, and he kinda realized he should be talking to me,” Cudd smiled.

He went on to say that he had never been put in such a position before but would be willing to do so again if duty required. Cudd emphasized that “this is just one instance that made it on television or whatever,” adding, “But this agency is full of copsΒ doing stuff like this all day, every day.”

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