A Rioter Was Sentenced to 14 Years on January 6 for Assaulting an Officer

According to reports, a manΒ who assaulted Capitol police with pepper spray and a chair was given the heaviest sentence of everyone convicted in connection with the unrest on January 6. He will spend more than 14 years behind bars.

The 49-year-old defendant, Peter Schwartz, was sentenced at a Friday, May 04, hearing in Federal District Court in Washington. He is the latest rioter to get a lengthy pris0n term for att@cking police officers during the uprising.

Thomas Webster, a former police officer inΒ New York, received the previous record-high sentence. Webster was given a 10-year j@il sentence when he attacked a Capitol police officer, removed his gas mask, and swung a flagpole at him.

A Rioter Was Sentenced to 14 Years on January 6 for Assaulting an Officer

When Schwartz and his ex-wife Shelly Stallings stormed the Capitol, they were equipped with a wooden tire knocker, and prosecutors requested Judge Amit P. Mehta for a 24-and-a-half-year sentence.

Despite choosing a shorter term, Judge Mehta saidΒ he issued 170 months because of Schwartz’s extensive cr!minal history, which included 38 previous convictions and at least 11 involving violence or threats of violence.

β€œYou can go on these podcasts and claim to be a victim of a political prosecution,” Judge Mehta said. β€œYou are not a political pris0ner. You’re not somebody who is standing up to injustice. … It’s up to you whether you want to take responsibility for your actions.”

The following events in Washington State recently need updates:

Uniontown, Pennsylvania, welder Schwartz expressed remorse for his role in the Capitol building assault. Before receiving his sentence, Schwartz remarked, “I do sincerely regret the damage that January 6th has done to so many people and their lives.”

“I appreciate what you said,” Judge Mehta responded in response. β€œBut I don’t believe it.” According to AP, over 450 of the more than 1,000 persons involved in the rioting on January 6 have been charged with federal offenses, and more than half have been awarded j@il sentences.

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