Portland Police Cited Over 20 Street Racers and Arrested 5

An area in North Portland has had it with illegal street racing on North Columbia Boulevard and Peninsular. Exact location For Sunday, April 30, night and Monday, May 01, morning, police in Portland issued over twenty citations and made five arrests, according to police reports.

They claim several, nevertheless, managed to elude capture. According to locals like Shannon, it just isn’t enough. β€œThis is happening probably once every couple of weeks. But, it is speed racing down Columbia Boulevard, and often shots fired every Saturday night,” she said.

Portland Police Cited Over 20 Street Racers and Arrested 5

She estimated that three hours had passed since the incident began. β€œWe were grateful that somebody eventually came,” she said, alluding to the police, β€œthat somebody eventually cared, and that’s the first time we’ve had police come and stay. We were told last time that the police were outgunned. They wouldn’t come help.”

Here’s what you need to know now about recent events in Portland:

Frustrated, she said, β€œThey drove through it. Like they were participants and didn’t stop. All the neighbors were out there trying to flag them down,” she sighed. β€œNothing. Scary situation. So, I guess three hours should be an improvement, but three hours in a neighborhood is a very long time.”

Shannon said she is not alone in her problems, citing the families in the area who are trying to put their infants to sleep and a veteran neighbor down the street who suffers from PTSD andΒ  β€œand he has to hide in his closet every time these people show up. β€œIt’s sad.”

The Portland Police Department has said they would maintain their random street racing raids policy. They issue a stern warning that arrest is possible for anybody taking part.

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