Portland Expects Spring Showers and Lightning This Week

This week has seen an increase in the frequency of spring thunderstorms in the Pacific Northwest. The increased risk of lightning strikes may be attributed to the low-pressure system now positioned over California and the warmer temperatures and readily accessible moisture.

According to the National Weather Service, “When thunder roars, head indoors!” is solid advice. A thunderstorm may be dangerous even if it is not directly above. There is still a risk of being struck by lightning if a storm is near enough for you to hear the thunder.

Portland Expects Spring Showers and Lightning This Week

Lightning may strike even if the sky is bright and blue. They are commonly referred to as a “bolt from the blue.” When a thunderstorm is present, this unusual kind of lightning may strike. Intra-cloud lightning is the most prevalent kind of lightning. When this happens, lightning strikes inside the storm itself.

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People on the ground are little affected by this kind of lightning. According to the National Weather Service, however, approximately 80 people are k!lled yearly, and around 300 more are injured due to lightning strikes. Through the week’s end, there is still a chance for a few thunderstorms in Portland.

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