Students in Oregon Roll Up to the Prom in a Military Tank

Some teenagers spend months leading up to prom stressing about whether or not they have the perfect suit or the perfect date. Sherman Bynum, a student at a high school in Portland, Oregon, wanted to make a big entrance at his prom by arriving in a flashy car.

According to sources, it’s a military tank from World War II, an M3A1. According to FOX 29 and KOIN, Bynum contacted Steve Greenberg, a guy who owned an army tank and would charge $1,000 to use for prom.

Students in Oregon Roll Up to the Prom in a Military Tank

The boy’s school reportedly informed guests that they would reserve a parking area near the Portland Art Museum “for students to arrive in style.” He and his buddy Sam Tetro discussed the plan and promptly began collecting funds.

Here is what you need to know now about recent events in Oregon State:

According to the website, the guys created a GoFundMe campaign and collected almost $600 more than they had initially hoped. They reassured the crowd that what they would do was “perfectly legal” and that the tank would remain “safely within road limits.”

According to the report, the youngsters also hired a local musician to perform the “Star Wars” theme on flame bagpipes while riding a unicycle. “I never thought he’d pull it off,Β and here we are,” Sherman’s mother said to FOX 29.

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