Scientists Investigate the Link Between M@rijuana Use and Su!cide Attempts

Researchers at Washington State University have found an increasing link between cannabis use and suic!de attempts. Although there is still much to learn, experts are worried about it. In our society, m@rijuana usage and legalization are clearly on the rise.

Recreational m@rijuana may be purchased in various forms in Oregon and Washington. Meanwhile, statistics show that there has been an uptick in cases of accidental cannabis poisoning. A new study from the College of Nursing at Washington State University investigates the link between cannabis t0xicity and su!cidal ideation.

Scientists Investigate Marijuana and Suicide Attempts

Professor Tracy Klein from Washington State University said, “And that means that for whatever reason, someone intended to commit suicide with cannabis on board.” Klein, one of the study’s researchers, is keen to point out that more than 92% of the su!cide attempts used dr*gs other than cannabis. Moreover, no proof using cannabis increases the risk of suicide.

However, after looking at data from U.S. p0ison control centers, researchers found an annual increase of 17% in cases where cannabis was suspected of being used as a suicide method. In light of the trends over the previous several years, Klein finds this quite concerning.

We found that cannabis p0isonings rose annually during the research period, disproportionately affectingΒ females and young children. And keep in mind, Klein said, that these p0isonings are deliberate.

This is the most latest data available on recent events in Oregon State:

The study also noted that usingΒ cannabis for self-medication by people with mental health issues may predispose them to su!cidal ideation.

As a result, “we are very concerned about patients with depression or anxiety who are also using cannabis, perhaps with little direction, and are either not talking to their healthcare professional about it or their healthcare professional is not asking.”

Despite the study’s limitations, it demonstrates that there is more to considerΒ and protect in a society where cannabis use is becoming more acceptable.

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