Portland Police Officer Injured in High-Speed Chase on I-205

A Portland police officer is healing from a broken ankle he got when he crashed into a car on I-205 while following a suspect running away. The suspect was later caught.

A statement by Portland police, At 10:32 a.m. on April 29, 2023, officers from the East Precinct saw a suspicious car near Southeast 97th Avenue and Southeast Glenwood Street. The parked car was said to have been stolen.

The driver tried to escape the police and ended up on I-205 near Southeast Woodstock Boulevard. Traffic stopped as the suspect tried to get away from cops by running across the lanes of traffic three times.

Portland Police Officer Injured in High-Speed Chase on I-205

A car going south on I-205 hit an East Precinct officer chasing the suspect. The officer was knocked to the ground.

Officers stopped to help the cop who had been hurt. At the same time, other cops held the suspect, who didn’t give up until he was surrounded.

At the scene of the accident, the cop was awake and breathing. He was taken to the hospital by paramedics to be checked out. He was hospitalized for a broken ankle, cuts, and bruises.

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The adult female driver stopped right away and worked with the police. The investigation showed that the driver stopped for the running suspect and didn’t see the chasing officer when she started to pull ahead.

When the accident happened, her 2019 Ford Fusion 4-door car went less than 10 miles per hour. She wasn’t drunk or high. She was neither taken nor given a ticket.

Portland Police shared this news via tweet, which is given below-

The suspect was also taken to the hospital by ambulance because he had trouble breathing and said he had taken drugs. After he was treated and let go, Norman R. Kurth, 33, was put into the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges of Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle, Escape in the Third Degree, Attempt to Elude on Foot, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, and an arrest warrant.

The car that had been stolen was found.

β€œI’m relieved to hear that the officer involved in this incident will be okay and I wish him a speedy recovery,” said Chief Chuck Lovell. β€œThis is another reminder of the hazards that law enforcement officers face daily as they serve our community.”

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