Clackamas County Police Identified the Fantasyland Sh00ter

The man sh0t and k!lled by police in Clackamas County on Monday(April 24) night has been positively identified as the sh00ter responsible for the de@ths of three people at Southeast Portland’s Fantasyland.

On April 23, Zachery Freeman, 29, was shot and k!lled inside an ad*lt store and smokeshop, and on Wednesday(April 26), the Portland Police Bureau named 20-year-old Jack Watson as a suspect in the case. An employee at Fantasyland who spoke anonymously told News that he recognized Zachery.

Clackamas County Police Identified the Fantasyland Sh00ter

The worker identified the man as a frequent visitor. He’s been coming here “like, every day.” According to his account in News, Zachery,Β and Watson got into an argument in the store’s back room before bullets were discharged.

Portland police say they attempted a traffic stop on Watson at about 11 p.m. on Southeast 82nd Avenue, close to the Clackamas Square retail mall.

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According to investigators, Watson fired at police after they tried to pull him over many times. Officers from the Portland Police Department and the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office eventually returned fire and k!lled him.

According to the procedures of both the PPB and the CCSO, the officers and deputies involved have been placed on administrative leave.

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