36-Year-Old Man Fatally Sh0t Outside SE Portland Bar

Ricco Giles, who was 36 years old and from Portland, was sh0t and k!lled outside a bar in the Foster-Powell area of Southeast Portland on March 23.

A medical examiner found that Giles had been sh0t and decided that his de@th was a m*rder.

36-Year-Old Man Fatally Sh0t Outside SE Portland Bar

A man and a woman, whose names the cops won’t say, were also hurt in the sh00ting, but their names won’t be made public. The guy went to the hospital soon after the sh00ting to get treatment for a “non-life-threatening gunshot wound,” according to the Portland police.

The woman was taken to the hospital, but her injuries weren’t serious enough to put her life in danger. When she got to the hospital, is not known by the police.

Read the recent crime updates below-

Shortly after 11:30 p.m., police were called to the k!lling scene outside Red’s Bar and Grill on Southeast Foster Road near 71st Avenue.

When they arrived, they found Giles lying on the east side of the bar’s parking lot.

Portland police said Giles was taken to a nearby hospital and later di*d. This news was shared through a tweet, which is given below-

A member of Red’s Bar & Grill’s day shift stated that the sh00ting took place outside the bar. At the time, a bartender said that the people involved were not regulars.

Around 11:30 p.m., people across the street said they heard five to seven loud gunshots and tires screeching out of the parking lot. Two fast-moving cars were seen leaving the bar on their home security video at that time.

During the first part of the investigation, homicide officers shut down Southeast Foster Road between 70th and 72nd avenues. No arrests have been made.

Detectives Eric McDaniel at [email protected] or 503-823-0833 or Scott Broughton at [email protected] or 503-823-3774 ask anyone with information about the shooting to get in touch with them.

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