Governor Kotek Has Proposed a Program to Construct 36,000 New Homes

An extra 36,000 dwellings each year will be brought to the state by Governor Tina Kotek and the Housing Production Advisory Council. The housing issue was the focus of Kotek’s first executive order, signed on her first day in office.

The HPAC was established under the directive, and its initial 10-year goal was to facilitate the construction of 36 thousand dwelling units. According to the new strategy, the council would divide into five subcommittees to address the issues of land availability, land development permit applications, codes and designs, labor shortages, and funding.

Governor Kotek Has Proposed a Program to Construct 36,000 New Homes

Housing issues will be addressed, the impact of new regulations on production will be investigated, the most urgently required housing kinds will be prioritized, and equitable housingwill be planned.

The following is the most up-to-date information on recent happenings at Oregon State:

“Oregonians want healthier and safer communities, and that means we need to build more housing,” stated Governor Kotek. β€œCouncil members have done an amazing job to set the table for this essential work. They have prioritized finding solutions that are feasible, make the greatest impact in addressing our housing shortage, and center equity and racial justice. The council’s goals are bold and ambitious – and that is what we need to meet this moment.”

Kotek had four meetings in March with the HPCAC,Β comprised of 25 housing industry specialists, to design the blueprint.

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