Protesters Seek Answers After a Hiker From Portland Was Mu*dered in 2022

Protesters on Sunday(April 23) afternoon in Olympia, Washington, called for answers into the de@ths of Portland hiker Aron Christensen and his dog, who were discovered in Central Washington the previous autumn.

Christensen, then 49, and his 4-month-old dog Buzzo went on a camping vacation with several friends in Central Washington, close to Walupt Lake, in August 2022. According to their acquaintances, the two embarked on a nearby path on Friday, August 19, to spend the night.

Friends of Christensen and Buzzo were camping nearby when they saw police sirens. According to had earlier reported that the two were expected back by noon the next day.

Protesters Seek Answers After a Hiker From Portland Was Mu*dered in 2022

β€œWe saw the cop car and my friend and I walked over to the police officer and said, β€˜We’re expecting a friend. At what point should we contact you or get worried?’” friend Kate Meredith said.

β€œHe said, β€˜You have to wait 24 hours,’ and I said, β€˜It’s been at least 24 hours.’ He asked if he was hiking alone and I said no, he has his dog. And I could just tell, I could see it in his face that something was not right.”

A few hours later, other hikers reported finding the bodies of Christensen and his dog. A medical examiner determined that a g*nsh0t wound to the chest was the cause of de@th. After Christensen’s de@th, his family contacted KOIN 6 to express their confusion as to the circumstances surrounding the sh00ting.

The de@th of Christensen was deemed murder by the Lewis County Coroner in October 2022. Shortly afterward, 20-year-old Ethan Michael Asbach and an unidentified 17-year-old female were listed as the primary suspects in his k!lling by the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspects informed LCSO officers that they were hiking on the evening of August 19 when they heard growling and saw the eyes of what they thought was a wild animal. After allegedly witnessing Christensen and Buzzo de@d, law authorities believe Asbach and the girl fired fire.

The suspects reportedly continued their journey that night, got lost, and emerged from the woods the next day, as reported by the LCSO. The suspects were expected to be charged with first-degree homicide and animal cruelty back in October, according to authorities in Lewis County.

The latest news on events nearby you is as follows:

There isn’t enough evidence to press charges at this time, the Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office informed KOIN 6 earlier this month. On Sunday afternoon, around 30 people, including Christensen’s friends from Portland and concerned residents of Lewis County, met in Olympia to call for more media coverage of the issue.

Protesters in Olympia, Washington, passed out business cards and carried banners reading things like “Seems like murder is legal in Lewis County” and “Do your job, lock them up.”

Protesters assembled on the Legislative Building’s steps, moved inside, and then returned to Capitol Way to display their banners. Christensen’s pals have described him as the group’s “steady guy,” so that’s the approach they’ll use as they seek redress for wrongdoing.

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