A B@ttle Outside a Tavern in Dane County Led to an Arrest

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office has reported that an @rrest has been made in connection with the sh00ting that occurred earlier this month outside of a pub in the Town of Burke.

According to the information provided by the Sheriff’s Office, a man from Madison was taken into custody. The 43-year-old was subsequently charged with r*cklessly endangering safety by using a dangerous weapon in the second degree. However, it was noted that the event is still being investigated even though the investigators did not comment on what led up to the rounds being fired.

A B@ttle Outside a Tavern in Dane County Led to an Arrest

Earlier, the Sheriff’s Office claimed that officers were summoned to The Keg on Friday, April 7, at approximately 2 a.m., after receiving reports of g*nfire in the pub’s parking lot.

The latest news on events at Oregon State is as follows:

When law enforcement officers arrived at the location in the 6200 block of Portage Road, they discovered several spent shot shells strewn over the roadway. The event did not result in any reported injuries.

The Sheriff’s Office requests that anybody who may have seen the g*nsh0t or has information about it contact them at the following number: 608-284-6900.

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