Seaside Aquarium Reminds Public to Give Harbor Seal Pups Space

PORTLAND, Ore. β€” It may be tempting to pet these pups, but the Seaside Aquarium tells people not to touch the sleeping harbor seal pups resting on the Oregon and Washington coast.

From April to August, newborn harbor seal pups move onto the beach to rest while their moms look for food.

Seaside Aquarium Reminds Public to Give Harbor Seal Pups Space

Harbor seal pups need to get plenty of sleep, so the aquarium wants beachgoers to give the sleeping pups space, as the moms may not return if people are too close.

Seaside Aquarium Reminds Public to Give Harbor Seal Pups Space

If you come across a pup, call the Marine Mammal Stranding Network number at 1.800.452.7888, and officials will post signs to help teach people while they watch the area.

During last year’s β€œpupping” season, the Seaside Aquarium shared they replied to 21 harbor seal pups, all of which safely left the beach after sleeping.

Recently, The video sparked widespread criticism, and several individuals came to the boater’s defense. This duality is reflective of the pinnipeds’ ambiguous legal standing. The Marine Mammal Protection Act makes it unlawful to harass, hunt, or k!ll any marine animal, including sea lions.

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