Breaking News: Kotek Grants $18.2M to Tackle Homelessness in Portland and Multnomah County

PORTLAND, Ore. โ€“ Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek accepted Multnomah County’s plan for $18.2 million in emergency funding, on Monday, 17 April 2023, for homeless people. At first, she didn’t give the county the money because there wasn’t enough information.

By the end of 2023, the new plan will move 275 families and add 140 shelter beds. Kotek’s office says the plan includes “buying sleeping pods and helping run the Gideon Temporary Alternative Shelter Site in Southeast Portland.”

Kotek Grants $18.2M to Tackle Homelessness in Portland and Multnomah County

Multnomah and Clackamas counties had asked for the money on April 10, but Kotek said he couldn’t give it to them because they hadn’t said enough about where the money would go.

Below are some of the recent announcements made by Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek-

Multnomah County and the City of Portland “worked together and talked more” to prepare the new plan for April 13.

Koin News Also shared this update via Twitter, which is given below-

Kotek said, “I’m glad that the County Chair, the Mayor of Portland, and their staffs worked together on these changes to ensure that emergency funds will be used to meet specific goals in our shared effort to reduce homelessness.” “Oregonians want us to be responsible, and this was a big step forward in our work to get things done.”

The grants will be finalized by Oregon Housing and Community Services, and the money should be ready to use by April 28.

Source- Koin News

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