ODFW Hosts Webinar On Mule Deer Plan

ODFW staff will hold a presentation about the changes to the state’s Mule Deer Management Plan, On April 17 at 6 p.m.

Questions and opinions about the mule deer plan must be sent in before the meeting using the “Give us your feedback” link on the web page for the plan.

During the webinar, wildlife scientists will answer questions from the public and talk about important topics, such as the herd range scale for tracking and managing mule deer populations.

ODFW Hosts Webinar On Mule Deer Plan

People who can’t watch the broadcast can watch it later. It will talk about the facts in the first three parts, which were just put on the ODFW website: 1) Introduction, Goals, and Objectives, 2) Location and History of Oregon Mule Deer, and 3) Biology and Ecology of Mule Deer.

Staff will also discuss the Herd Range Technical Report and provide general information about parts and sections that will be released soon.

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One of the best parts of the new Plan will be managed based on group ranges that make more sense from a biological point of view.

These ranges are based on ODFW’s thorough study into how mule deer move around eastern Oregon. Based on how mule deer move and act now, wildlife management units made in the 1950s are no longer good enough for managing them.

β€œThe delineation of herd ranges means survey data collected during winter will apply to the same populations as hunter harvest reports from summer-autumn,” said Josh Smith, ODFW Acting Mule Deer Coordinator who is leading the effort to write the plan. β€œThis approach is critical for developing appropriate management recommendations.”

As more chapters or parts are put up for review, ODFW staff plan to hold more workshops. To stay in touch with them, sign up for news information from the ODFW staff working on the mule deer plan update.

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