Hunzeker Leaves PPB After Being Placed on Leave by Clark County

Former PPB president Brian Hunzeker was put on leave by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday, April 15, two days after he resigned from PPB due to a fake leak involving then-Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty.

In March of 2022, Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland dismissed Hunzeker after a fake leak implicated Hardesty in a minor hit-and-run accident. Hunzeker was the union president at the time of the leak.

Wheeler said HunzekerΒ  β€œAccessed a confidential record, reproduced the information using his mobile phone, and sent it to a news media outlet without authorization. This reproduction and release of information to the media violated policy.”

Hunzeker Leaves PPB

A State Labor Board-appointed arbitrator restored Hunzeker to the PPB in February 2023. On Friday, April 14, Willamette Week reported that the Portland City Attorney’s Office had been informed that Hunzeker was also a deputy in Clark County.

Chief Deputy City Attorney Heidi Brown stated, “The City just learned of his employment with Clark County”Β on Saturday. City of Portland employee Brian Hunzeker tendered his resignation on Thursday.

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According to Willamette Week, Hunzeker made close to six figures as a sheriff’s deputy in Clark County since he was recruited in August. However, Clark County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Christopher Skidmore saidΒ he has been placed on administrative leave “pending an internal investigation.”

According to Skidmore, Hunzeker started working for the sheriff’s office “sometime last year.” Available records reveal that the Clark County Sheriff’s Office employed Hunzeker in August of that year.

According to the source, the sheriff’s office may have known he was also working with PPB. However, deputies have warned they cannot elaborate “until the investigation is complete.”

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