How a Portland Band Outsmarted the Scammers?

PORTLAND, Ore. β€”DesignBand has been playing at weddings and other parties since the 1980s. They just ran into something they’d never seen before. Someone named “Matt” said he was a groom and got in touch with Manny Keller, the founder of DesignBand.

“Matt said, ‘are you available β€” I would love to book you for my wedding.’ He sent a deposit check before I asked for it,” said Keller.

When the check came, it was for more than $3,800, even though it was meant to be for $1,500. The check was written out to a school in California. Keller knew what was going to happen next.

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“Matt will want me to pay a videographer or photographer out of my own pocket, and then the check will bounce.”

On the check, Keller called the school. They said that scam plans had used them in the past few months. Keller didn’t fall for it and said he saw a few warning signs.

“The first one is when he was ready to pay without a contract. Second, I looked up his address because I always wanted to know where someone lived. It was a $100,000 shack somewhere in Alabama,” he said.

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Keller has some tips for people who are approached like he was.

“As soon as they ask you for money, don’t give it to them. Do some more research on it.”


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