Saint Alphonsus Health System Has Updated Its Mask Policy

The Idaho and Oregon healthcare systems operated by Saint Alphonsus Health System are changing to the current mask regulations. The changes result from a drop in the transmission rates of COVID-19 and the conclusion of the influenza season.

Masking is no longer required in public areas of the hospitals and clinics operated by Saint Alphonsus, nor is it required in certain inpatient sections. Some of the patient rooms and the medical oncology and infusion clinics will continue to have the mask policy.

Saint Alphonsus Health System Has Updated Its Mask Policy

If a patient or visitor demands it, the medical personnel, including doctors and nurses, will continue to wear masks. In addition, when they are among patients with specific infectious illnesses, they wear masks and the proper personal protective equipment for the treatment they deliver.

The most recent information on happenings at Oregon State is as follows:

Facilities in both states will continue to enforce existing COVID-19 self-screening procedures, and those who desire to keep wearing masks will be able to do so without interference.

As Saint Alphonsus continues to monitor and evaluate the levels of transmission in the community, the hospital will keep modifying the masking standards it has in place.

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