Portland Has an Average of 30 Vehicle Thefts Each Day

According to statistics compiled by the Portland Police Bureau, thirty automobiles were stolen daily on average throughout January and February 2023. There were 1,789 stolen automobiles in the first 59 days of the year in Portland, Oregon. January had 985 vehicles taken, while February saw 804.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, they are still looking into March’s car theft numbers. However, the theft rate in 2023’s first two months is strikingly comparable to 2022. There were around 30 vehicle thefts per day in the city last year.

The number of car thefts in Portland spiked dramatically in late 2021. The number of stolen automobiles increased to 10,891 in 2022 from 6,454 in 2020 and 9,059 in 2021.

Portland Has an Average of 30 Vehicle Thefts Each Day

Portland has a greater rate of car theft than most other cities of comparable size. KDVR recorded 15,267 vehicle thefts in Denver in 2022, whereas police in Boston reported 1,314 stolen vehicles the same year.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, the city’s rate of auto thefts per capita was the sixth highest in the United States in March. Fortunately, the bulk of stolen automobiles has been recovered by the Portland Police Bureau.

Within 30 days of being stolen, 82% of automobiles were found in 2022, and 93% were recovered for the whole year. The police recovered 84% of stolen cars in 2023 within 30 days and 88% of stolen vehicles within the year.

The Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct spent almost 18 months on “stolen vehicle operations,” when police work overtime to find stolen automobiles being driven throughout the city, according to a news release from March.

In late 2022, police reported a rise in the use of stolen automobiles in various other crimes, such as k!dnappings, sh**ting outside of a high school, and burglaries.

Local law enforcement has been collecting and analyzing data on stolen car features to identify trends. They collaborated with an OHSU scientist named Dr. Jeffrey W. Tyner to examine the information and evaluate the procedures police were using to decide whether or not to pull a car over.

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Tyner assisted law enforcement in making data-driven strategy adjustments. Since March 19, they’ve increased their rate of discovering stolen vehicles from once per 31 traffic stops to once every three. The Kia Soul (129 thefts), Hyundai Elantra (113), Subaru Legacy (73), and Subaru Forester (69) are the most often stolen automobiles thus far in 2023.

Northwest has the highest rate of car theft in 2023 among Portland’s neighborhoods, followed by Hazelwood, Powellhurst-Gilbert, and Lents.

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