The USPS Has Begun a Massive Employment Drive in the Pacific Northwest

The US Postal Service plans to recruit around 1,000 people throughout Washington, most of those jobs going to people in western Washington. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced a massive recruitment drive in four Western states: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, to fill 2,000 vacancies.

The UPSC has begun an unprecedented Blitz in the Northwest, and you can see it unfold in the video below-

Half of these job openings are in Washington, most of which are in the western part of the state. On Thursday, April 13, the Postal Service will host job fairs at more than 50 locations around the state. You may see the places here.

USPS Washington District Workforce Operations Planning Specialist Eden Ching explains, “We’re just trying to bring in as many people as we can and let people know we are actually hiring for careers, not just jobs but careers.”

“Pay for the beginning is somewhere between 19-20 dollars an hour, and that’s for your first 90 days of probation, and it can go up depending on what craft you decide to go into.”

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is looking for hardworking individuals to fill the roles of letter carriers, clerks, and mail handlers.

“We have a ceiling that’s so vast, you can go into anything you pretty much want to, not just management, but we also have other specialty jobs like the inspection service or something that has to do with operations support – if you’re good with computers, if you’re good with doing accounting,” Ching said.

USPS Has Begun a Massive Employment Drive

“All those jobs pretty much are within the United States Post Office, and it’s the only career I can think of where you can go to any state or territory and transfer.”

The most recent details on what’s happening at Oregon State are as follows:

The USPS has employed Ching for three decades. She attributes her long tenure there to the organization’s progressive culture, a strong sense of community, and a welcoming attitude toward diversity. Ching said, “It’s one of our organization’s greatest assets is the people that we have.”

The agency plans to recruit one thousand more workers in Washington to prepare for the next peak period. Postal worker unions have demanded more personnel and a more equitable workload.

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