Oregon Top 3 Most Popular Names for Boys and Girls


Our culture has elaborate gender-reveal parties, traditional baby showers, and everything in between when a baby is about to be born.

The question that excited family and friends often ask is, “What will his or her name be?” Most of the time, people ask about names because they are curious, but sometimes, especially from grandparents, there is a little bit of pressure to choose the “right” name.

Oregon’s Top 3 Most Common Boy Baby Names

The three most common names for boys in Oregon, according to thebump.com, are all names that some might call “old-fashioned.” These are their names:

Oregon Top 3 Most Popular Names for Boys and Girls

  • Oliver
  • Liam
  • Henry

Oregon’s Top 3 Most Common Girl Baby Names

The three most common names for girls in Oregon, As previously mentioned, according to thebump.com, are all names that many people would call beautiful and old-fashioned. These are:

Oregon Top 3 Most Popular Names for Boys and Girls

  • Evelyn
  • Olivia
  • Charlotte

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What Does the Name Oliver Mean?

babycenter.com says that the meaning of the name Oliver is:

“From the French name Olivier, probably derived from the Late Latin word olivarius (olive tree). Well-known Olivers: Oliver Cromwell; the main character in Oliver Twist; TV personality John Oliver; celebrity chef Jamie Oliver”.

What Does the Name Evelyn Mean?

As mentioned above, According to babycenter.com, the name Evelyn means and comes from the following:

“Two theories exist about the origin of the name Evelyn. Some say it started off as a last name that derives from the French surname Aveline. But others say Evelyn is a portmanteau of Eve (meaning “alive” in Hebrew) and Lynn (meaning “lake” in Welsh). Whatever the origin, Evelyn has been a favorite among parents for hundreds of years.”

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