Dylan Dreyer Captures a Sweet Moment Her Brother Met Her Children

Dylan Dreyer cried in front of her adoring public. The 41-year-old meteorologist for Today posted photos of her kids seeing their uncle for the first time. The meteorologist provided background on the extended delay between introducing Dreyer’s children to her brother via a picture carousel.

“Because of Covid, my two youngest haven’t met my brother in Oregon,” she wrote in the caption of Thursday’s post. “I’d say the first meeting went way better than I could have imagined! #so-blessed.”Β 

In the first picture, her son Calvin, then age 6, her daughter Oliver, then age 3, and her son Russell, then age 1, sat on the sofa with their cousin. The second photo was taken during the first meeting of her youngest son and brother, James.

Dreyer also shared a picture of her brother holding Oliver as they hugged and kissed for the first time and posed for a shot. Dreyer mentioned that she and her family went to Oregon to celebrate her brother’s promotion to Air Force Chief Master Sergeant in a subsequent post.

The most recent information on happenings at Oregon State is as follows:

“***PROUD SISTER ALERT*** My brother was recently promoted to Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force. The highest rank for an enlisted member. He has sacrificed so much and always puts others before himself,” she had written next to a video of the event.

Dylan Dreyer Captures a Sweet Moment


“And he’s a pretty bad a** boss. I cried so many proud tears for him receiving this honor, and I’m so lucky to have been here to witness it with my kids. What a role model he is for my boys #unclemaytag #chiefdreyer.” Precious!

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