A Man Was Reportedly Stabbed to De@th in Southeast Portland

A press release from the Portland Police Bureau said that an investigation into a m*rder had been opened in the Buckman area in Southeast Portland.

According to a press release, when police went to a complaint of a stabbing shortly after 6:40 p.m. on Sunday(April 9, 2023) between Southeast Washington Street and Water Avenue, which is located north of the Morrison Bridge, they discovered one male who had died as a result of his injuries.

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According to the announcement, the police have taken one individual into custody in connection with the stabbing, and they are no longer seeking any more suspects. The victim or the individual apprehended by police officers was not made publically known by the agency.

During the investigation that took place on Sunday, police blocked off sections of Southeast Washington Street and Water Avenue. They asked anyone with information about the incident to contact Detective Shaye Samora at (503)823-0768 or Detective Tony Harris at (503)823-0441 if they could.

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The m*rder of the guy brings the total number of homicides committed in Portland to 22 so far in 2023, compared with 29 at this point in 2022. Yet, specialists in public safety are not prepared to announce a lower trend in crime rates.

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