Legendary Oregon Artist Henk Pander Passed Away at Age 85

Henk Pander was one of the best-known artists in the Pacific Northwest. He died on Friday, 7 April 2023, at the age of 85.

Oregon ArtsWatch says that Pander was told earlier this year that he had brain cancer that could not be treated.

Pander was a child in the Netherlands when World War II started. He grew up attending art school in Amsterdam, where he met an Oregon woman who moved him to Portland when he was 27 years old in 1965.

Legendary Artist Henk Pander Passed Away at Age 85

Pander’s career spanned many decades, and he tried out many different types of art, like ink and watercolor, but most of his work is oil paintings. He became known for his vast, detailed, often fascinating, and sometimes scary portrayals of historical events.

With their themes of war, s*x, and disaster, Pander’s paintings often pushed the contemporary art scene in the area. For every nice thing he painted, he painted many things that showed how cruel the world is.

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“As human beings, we live in nature, and nature is indifferent, and we survive by the skin of our teeth,” Pander told OPB in an interview in 2018. “There’s just an enormous amount of drama in people’s lives. And I decided to, over time, become kind of a history painter.”

He said that his work was shaped by how he thought about memory and the drama of modern life. “Once you start down that road, it’s hard to turn around and say, “Now I’m going to make a pretty picture.”

Henk Pender’s son Arnold Pender shared a Facebook post in tribute to his father “Henk Pender 21 November 1927 – 7 April 2023, Rest in Peace”

Legendary Artist Henk Pander Passed Away at Age 85

Pander was also a well-known painter of portraits. A famous Oregon painter, C.S. Price, and the governors of Oregon, Tom McCall and John Kitzhaber, are among the people he has painted on commission.

Pander’s sons, Jacob and Arnold, are also still alive. They are both artists in their own right and work together as the Pander Brothers, known for their graphic novels, award-winning films, and thought-provoking paintings.

Source- Oregon Public Broadcasting Department

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